Custom Picture Frames

Picture Frame sample

One sees signs and advertisements every day promoting "custom picture frames." Rarely are they speaking of custom picture frames; rather, they refer to custom 'sized' frames. That is, that framer will purchase a picture frame moulding that is already milled and finished then the pre-fabricated moulding will be cut to the size required and finally the four sides are glued together. Certainly there is a place for these frames but they are not 'custom picture frames' as we define the phrase and choices are naturally limited to the styles available in the brands the framer carries.

At Absolute! Framemakers we make custom picture frames. With few exceptions, all of our frames are handcrafted. The wood frames are milled and shaped to your exact specifications and then are waxed, stained, painted or gilded to best suit the artwork. The difference in quality is readily discernible.

As an option, custom welded aluminum picture frames are also available in a variety of styles and finishes.

And, finally, yes we do carry pre-finished mouldings from several manufacturers.